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Services and Activities - Kokua Kalihi Valley Services and Activities

Services & Activities

Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides the people of Kalihi Valley with a broad array of comprehensive and holistic health care. Services include medical, dental, behavioral health, maternal and child health, nutrition, case management, eligibility, transportation, smoking cessation, health education, chronic disease self-management, home visits, active living, elderly services, family strengthening, community building, advocacy, positive youth development and cultural appreciation, environmental preservation and food production activities at Ho`oulu `Aina. At KKV, clients are treated as people, not just as patients. KKV’s dedicated health staff and providers work together to help our clients take charge of their health and overcome illness. We believe that health is a right, not a privilege.


Through all of its programs and activities, KKV strives to create healthy environments in which relationships can flourish. In such an environment, patients will feel safe and comfortable telling their personal stories of health, sharing their cultural beliefs and practices both with their doctors and with one another. KKV envisions a health care environment in which doctors, nurses and medical assistants are deeply rooted in their own sense of place, becoming stronger advocates for their patients, and taking the time to hear patients’ stories. In such an environment, people will know that they are their own best doctor.


From our very beginning as a community-run organization in 1972, KKV has held close the idea that health is much more than visiting the doctor or taking the proper medications. Health is not something to be purchased, nor can it be given from one to another. Health is what we all do for ourselves, for our families and for our neighbors every day. It is where we live, what we eat, the opportunities we are given and take hold of, and the stories we tell our children. Most of all, we believe that health is connection, belonging, culture and community—and we strive to be a center for community health in all that we do.


In order to better serve our diverse clientele, our staff speak a number of different languages and dialects, including: Chinese (Cantonese, Fukienese, Mandarin, Tienchu), English (including Pidgin), Filipino (Cebuano, Ibanag, Ilokano, Ilongo, Pandasinanse, Tagalog, Visayan), Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Micronesian (Chuukese, Marshallese, Pohnpeian), Samoan, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese.


KKV serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Sliding fee discounts are offered depending upon family size and income.  To be considered for a sliding fee discount, you will need to complete an application and submit acceptable proof of income for all adults in your household.  Please come meet with our eligibility staff if you think you might qualify.