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Beliefs - Kokua Kalihi Valley Beliefs

What We Believe

We are an organization that is guided by a strong set of beliefs and culture. By behaving in ways that are consistent with these beliefs, we help to make KKV a very special place for our community members, our staff, our volunteers and our partners.


These are the beliefs that we work hard, each day, to uphold.


Relationships are fundamental to us…

The relationships that we create and support are the foundation of our work – they must be respectful, compassionate, honest and loving.


We have a genuine commitment to our community…

We honor, respect and reflect the diversity of Kalihi Valley, its cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs.

We hire people from our community as a means of community empowerment and to maintain vital connections to its concerns and needs.

We are persistent and don’t give up easily.

We are fiscally responsible so that we will be an on-going resource to our community.

We are neighbors and behave in good, neighborly ways.


We strive for programs and services that are extraordinary…

We believe in the broadest definition of health and well being – physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

We believe in working holistically.

We work with the whole family whenever possible.

We make a positive difference in our community by empowering people.

We advocate for our community and its needs.

We work with integrity and deliver care that is high quality, trusted and valued.

We develop programs and services with flexibility to meet different needs and different situations.

We consistently improve our work to better meet the needs of our community.


We work collaboratively…

We recognize how important working together is to achieving our mission, amongst ourselves, and within our community.

We value our partners realizing we can’t do it by ourselves, but together we can work more effectively and efficiently.

We take time to know each other, celebrate our accomplishments and promote the spirit of working together.

We develop leadership within our organization and support future leaders from within our community.


We honor our heritage and traditions…

We have a rich history that helps to guide our future.

We are proud of the work we have done in the past and recognize the contributions of those who have come before us.

“Kokua” (helping) is in our name and is a part of our tradition.